Best cereal for constipation: How to choose and use

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy to start your activities. It boosts your metabolism. In addition, a good breakfast can help relieve your constipation.

cereal for constipation

How to choose the best cereal that can relieve your constipation.

Cereal is a popular food that many people eat in the morning. It is easy to prepare. It is fortified with many essential vitamins. In addition, cereals can be a good source of dietary fibre.

Because of their high fibre content, cereals can help relieve constipation. Choosing the best cereal is a tricky task because there are heaps of different varieties available on the market.

Different colours, flavours, and tastes. Some contain dried fruits, others can be plain or have nuts. Many different brands. It is hard to choose the best cereal.

If your goal is relieving your constipation, a simple trick will work. Just read the food label and choose the cereal that contain the highest amount of fibre. Usually, whole grain cereals contain plenty of fibre.

However, you should also look for other things such as sugar and salt content. A low sugar and low salt cereal that has high fibre content is the best one.

There are many popular cereal brands available to choose from such as Kellogg’s, Nestle, and General Mills. I don’t recommend a particular brand. You can choose whatever you like that has plenty of dietary fibre.

How to use breakfast cereals to relieve constipation.

There are may ways to prepare breakfast cereals. The majority of people eat with hot or cold milk. Some people just add hot water. A few people eat without any preparation.

I would prefer to use it with milk. However, drinking too much milk can make constipation worse.

To avoid this problem, you can dilute the milk with warm water. For example, take a half cup of milk and add the equal volume of water to it.

Having plenty of water is important when eating a high fibre diet. So, either you should add enough water to the cereal or drink a glass of water after eating it.

Adding some pieces of fresh fruits such as apple will give you a delicious breakfast that contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre.