Apple juice for constipation: Are you doing the right thing?

Want to use apple juice for constipation relief? Read this before doing it.

I know that constipation is an annoying problem. You need to do something to relieve it. Otherwise, you will end up with complications such as haemorrhoids, anal fissure, and lower back pain.

apple juice constipationFortunately, you have many choices. You can take a home remedy, or buy a laxative and use it. There are many home remedies available, including apple juice, prune juice, and ripe bananas.

Your baby is constipated, you want to give her something readily available. You have apple juice in your pantry. If you give that to your baby, she will be happy.

But, is it the best choice?

Important: Fruit juices are not recommended for infants under the age of six months.

You are pregnant and having difficulty in passing stools because your stools are hard and dry. You know that some medications are not good for you. So, you don’t want to take any laxatives. Instead, you want to try a natural remedy for constipation.

Someone told you try apple juice to relieve your constipation. What would you do? Do you think it is a right choice?

Continue reading and decide in the end.

Is apple juice a good remedy for constipation?

Many people think that apple juice is good for constipation. I agree that apple juice can loosen your bowels. But at what cost? I don’t mean it is expensive. I am talking about possible unwanted effects. Do you think that apple juice is healthy?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” I know that. That is an apple, not apple juice.

Let me explain.

Apple juice contains a type of sugar called sorbitol, which is a laxative. However, the sorbitol content is very low compared to prune juice. A 250 ml glass of apple juice gives you about 1 g of sorbitol. The same quantity of prune juice gives you 20 – 25 g of sorbitol.

So, in regards to laxative effect, prune juice is superior.

To be effective, you need to drink 3 or 4 glasses of apple juice.

Why not? It is more palatable than prune juice. Your baby will love it. We have one problem here. Do you know how much sugar apple juice has?

One cup of unsweetened apple juice contains 24 grams of sugar. That is 5 teaspoons.

Whether you are a child or an adult, too much sugar is not good for you. It makes you gain weight. That will cause lots of health problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

You may argue that apple juice contains plenty of vitamins. So, it should be a healthy drink. If there is less sugar, more vitamins and fibre, then I agree. But it is not like that.

Compare to fresh apples, apple juice contains large amounts of sugar and negligible amounts of fibre.

One hundred grams of apple juice contain 0.2 g of fibre.

One hundred grams of fresh apple fruit contains 2.4 g of fibre. That is 10 times more.

The take home message

Fresh fruits are good for constipation. They contain plenty of dietary fibre that helps relieve your bowels. Fruit juices (except prune juice) are not a good choice for long term use. If you want a quick relief, you can go for a safe laxative or stool softener. If they don’t help relieve your constipation, you need to see your doctor.