How to avoid travel constipation

travel constipationPlanning your next holiday? Don’t let travel constipation ruin your trip. Constipation is a common problem while travelling. The majority of people experience it when they travel long distances. No matter flying or catching the train, the painful bowel movement follows you.


Causes of travel constipation

  • Change of routine is one of the main causes. You have some regular habits at certain times at home. For example, going to the toilet to pass stool at 7 am. You can’t keep the routines when you are travelling. A sudden change in the routine habits makes alterations in bowel movements.
  • Travel related stress is another cause. I am going on holidays after months of hard work. How can I get stress due to that? I know you are asking that question. Getting ready for a trip with the family is not a simple task. You will get lots of stress. You may not notice that change. However, your bowel will notice that.
  • Not getting enough fibre in your diet. You can’t expect healthy meals on the go. You tend to eat whatever available. Aeroplane food? That is awful. No taste, no flavour, and less fibre. If they give a tasty, fiber-rich meal, you will quickly fill the toilet in the plane. That is a big mess for them.
  • You don’t drink enough water when travelling. That makes your stools hard and dry.
  • You are physically less active during the trip. That slows down the peristaltic movement of the large intestine.

5 ways to avoid travel constipation

  • Plan your trip well before the holidays. Save enough money little by little. Collect all the necessary items. Make a written travel plan. Adequate planning and preparations will reduce your stress at the time of travelling.
  • Carefully choose your food. Fibre rich foods such as fruits and vegetables help have easy bowel movements. Apple, pears, and bananas are good choices.
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, and too much coffee.
  • Try to stretch your body when travelling.
  • The best way I would recommend is using laxative or stool softener.

The best laxative for travel constipation

There are many remedies available on the market to help you. To my knowledge, the best laxative is Dulcolax. It is easy to use, cheaper and has fewer side effects.

Take two tablets a day. You will feel the difference in 6 – 12 hours. Don’t take more than the recommended dose. If you take more than 4 tablets a day, you will end up with diarrhoea. That is the worse thing you can have when you are travelling.

Bottom line:

Constipation when travelling is an annoying problem. It can completely destroy your holiday. Taking appropriate preventive measures is an important prerequisite for a trouble-free holiday trip.